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The Value of our Service

“The Buildings Department, neutralizes Risk the client face by taking the responsibility being technically, financially accountable, and assure value to construction they undertake”.

The Building Department provides proactive and forensic support considering the client’s technical and management capacities. We value the need of guarantee for the constructions, and take responsibility to neutralize the risk by:

  • Life time Technically / Financially Accountable.
  • Designs for complete building need by highly authorized professional.
  • Adhere all rules, regulations, quality, safety standards.
  • Highly accurate scope specially developed utilizing past experience.
  • Assure quality, safety by Scrutinize, concur designs, document of other service providers.
  • Manage contracts.
  • Ensure value by experienced professional project management service.
  • Assistance in hassles of management audit.
  • Assistance in contractual litigations.

We provide our services by entering into an agreement in the form of a memorandum of understanding to be more binding to our commitment.