Our Vision

To be the technical authority in building works ensuring the public sector organizations possess safe, economical, sustainable and elegant built environments to deliver high quality services to the nation.

Our Mission

To provide excellent services for the development of public sector building works by provision of architectural design, engineering design, construction, maintenance, project management and technical assistance ensuring technical accountability in quality, economy, functionality and soundness for the total satisfaction of tha stakeholders by a team of dedicated multidisciplinary professionals.

Our Background

The Buildings Department was established in 1969 after the abolition of the then Public Works Department. From the very inception, this department was considered as the sole authority and the advisory body in the field of building works. It was called upon to provide expert advice on building works to the government and semi-government institutions in the implementation of their building programmes. The Functions of the Department were broadly set out in the Financial Regulations and various Treasury Circulars. However, these functions have taken different forms with time, and were modified to suit the requirements of client organizations, change in the Building Industry, and also to be in keeping with government policies, which were introduced from time to time. The role played by the Department in the national development and in the preservation of the public building assets is commendable. The execution of works was handled by the 27 District Engineer’s offices, which were coordinated by 9 Superintending Engineer’s office extended through out the Island. In addition, three Chief Construction Engineer’s office located in Colombo and Galle, handled the major construction. The Director and his staff at the head office did the overall management. The respective specialized divisions, located centrally, handled the architectural, structural, electrical, water supply and sewerage designs and the preparation of the Bills of Quantities. The total permanent staff was over 5000.

With the introduction of the 13th amendment to the Constitution, devolving powers to the Provincial Councils, the Department was restructured by retrenching the staff and reducing its network to 07 Chief Engineers Divisions located in Colombo, Kandy, Galle, Kurunegala and Jaffna to undertake the national projects listed under List II and III of the 9th Schedule to the Amendment. The head office staff was also reduced accordingly. Today, the staff strength is 621 comprising of 69 engineers, 10 architects, 85 technical officers, 52 draughts person and other supporting staff.

An in depth study of the Building Department was necessitated, in order to remodel the Department functions to cater the present requirements under the open economic policy of the Government.

This corporate plan is the outcome of the realization of this requirement.